Vintage Spare Tire Cover Designs Page

Vintage Spare Tire Cover Designs

Buy a custom or vintage spare tire cover from our selection of covers. The fourth-generation Bronco base price was just over $10,000, which equates to about $30k in today’s money. However, in 2021, an excellent and unspoiled example of Ford’s SUV in its 1980 to 1986 form will still set you back about the same, with prices ranging from $9,000 to $12,000.

Our Classic selections are

We have a variety of Vintage Style Bronco Tire Covers. From Bronco Explorer, Bronco Ranger, and Original Ford Bronco with the pony in the middle. Also, a Bronco Established in 1966 with a pony. For flag enthusiasm, there is a Vintage American Flag Tire Cover. For the younger generation, I have made a Snoopy in a Bronco Tire Cover.

How we make your Tire Cover

From our supply stock, our cutting department plans months of cutting. In advance to supply the printing department with the product needed for their printing schedule. Determined by our sales department and executive management team. Similarly, we have a team that cuts and ties our elastic. Sewn into the sideband to hold the tire cover in place when installed. Other people involved in making and shipping our tire covers include those who make the plastic liners we supply in sending the tire cover to make them easier to install. Also, the employees who make and install the security grommets, cable, and lock, for those customers who feel they need such a product.


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