Tuff Rosie Camera Tire Cover



Protects spare tire from UV rays that can damage rubber
Protects spare tire wheel finish
Stylish form fitting cover gives your SUV a more finished look.

Technical Details

Manufacturer Custom Grafix Industries.
Brand CustomGrafixTireCovers®
Item Weight 48 ounces




Tuff Rosie Camera Tire Cover Camera Tire Cover


Tuff Rosie Camera Tire Cove, printed on a heavy-weight Automotive, Marine 32 once Expandable vinyl. Bold, full-color print of a Tuff Rosie Camera Tire Cover image on the back of tire cover. Our Tire Cover Spare tire cover is handmade in the United States.

All of our spare tire covers are made to order. The tire cover, held on by a strong shock cord, sewn into the back edge. Available in black only. Each tire cover, made to the exact size of your spare tire size provided while ordering.

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For years, the inspiration for the woman in the Westinghouse poster was believed to be Geraldine Hoff Doyle of Michigan, who worked in a Navy machine shop during World War II. Other sources claim that Rosie was Rose Will Monroe, a riveter at the Willow Run Bomber Plant near Detroit.

Why is the woman in the poster flexing her muscle?

The poster of a young woman in a factory uniform and red polka dot headscarf, her arm flexed to show off her muscle with a speech balloon stating boldly, “We can do it!”, designed to encourage a young woman to volunteer for the war effort while men were serving overseas.

Who inspired Rosie the Riveter?

The inspiration behind Rosie the Riveter was Rosalind “Roz” Palmer Walker, a well-to-do Long Island 19-year-old who decided to forego a Seven Sisters college education to start work in 1942 on the assembly line Vought Aircraft Co.

What is the pin on Rosie the Riveters collar?

Rosie’s Employment Badge

Rosie, the Riveter’s Collar Pin, is more accurately known as Rosie’s Employment Badge. We researched the pin displayed on Rosie’s collar in the “We Can Do It!” iconic World War II poster.


Popular with all owners of SUVs with backup cameras.
Recommended by Automotive Dealerships Worldwide.
The average Life Cycle of our Tire Cover is 3 to 5 years.
Anti-Theft Grommets, Security Cable & Lock, are Available.

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