Trucks Rodeo Cowboy Music Tire Cover


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Trucks Rodeo Cowboy Music Bar Code

Trucks Rodeo Cowboy Music Tire Cover




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Trucks Rodeo Cowboy Music Tire Cover

Tire-Covers Advantages

In stock, normally ships in two days.

    Anti Theft Grommets are available.

      Includes protective plastic bag for the tire cover easy installation.

         Included installation and care guide.

     Trucks Rodeo Cowboy Music

Trucks Rodeo Cowboy Music Tire Cover shows the Rodeo is less of a sport and more of a lifestyle for those with determination and a passion

for adventure. Hardcore cowboys and cowgirls often inherit the rodeo bug from their parents

and their grandparents before them, reveling in every mud stain and bruise picked up in the

arena. Serious competitors are often in the arena before the sun breaks over the horizon, exercising

horses and practicing their roping skills in the pre-dawn haze.

    This dedication stretches well into the evening hours, with many competitions lasting long past sunset. Even after the checks have been

handed out and the last spectator leaves the arena, there’s still work to be done. Horses must be 

cooled off, untacked and fed, while gear needs to be wiped clean and oiled in preparation for the next rodeo.

    Their horses come first, but running a close second is the love cowboys and cowgirls have for their pickup trucks. Nowhere is this more apparent than in the vast ranch lands of eastern Washington state and down around Pendleton, Oregon. 

        Western music is a form of country composed by and about the people who settled and worked throughout the Western United States and Western Canada. Western music celebrates the lifestyle of the cowboy on the open ranges, Rocky Mountains, and prairies of Western North America.


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