Thin Blue Line Ammo Camera Tire Cover



Protects spare tire from UV rays that can damage rubber
Protects spare tire wheel finish
Stylish form fitting cover gives your SUV a more finished look.

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Manufacturer Custom Grafix Industries.
Brand CustomGrafixTireCovers®
Item Weight 48 ounces

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Thin Blue Line Ammo Camera Tire Cover 

Thin Blue Line Ammo Camera Tire Cover printed on a heavy-weight Automotive, Marine 32 once Expandable vinyl. Bold, full-color print of a Thin Blue Line Ammo Camera Tire Cover on back of tire cover. Our Tire Cover Spare tire cover is handmade in the United States.

All of our spare tire covers are made to order. The tire cover, held on by a strong shock cord, sewn into the back edge. Available in black only. Each tire cover, made to the exact size of your spare tire size provided while ordering.

What is the history behind the thin blue line ‘?

The Thin Blue Line flag dates back only to 2014. It’s the brainchild of a white college student from an affluent suburb of Detroit, Andrew Jacob, who found the outcry against police violence following the killings of Tamir Rice in Cleveland, Eric Garner in New York, and Michael Brown in Ferguson, Missouri, distasteful.

What does back the blue mean?

The intended meaning of ‘Back the Blue’ is to highlight the efforts of law enforcement officers. It is not a new campaign but has received attention in recent weeks and months.

Thin blue line

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The blue line symbol

The “thin blue line” is a term that typically refers to the concept of the police as the line which keeps society from descending into violent chaos. The “blue” in “thin blue line” refers to the blue color of the uniforms of many police departments.

The phrase originated as an allusion to the British infantry regiment The Thin Red Line during the Crimean War in 1854. The company of Scottish Highlanders—wearing red uniforms—famously held off a Russian cavalry charge. Los Angeles Police Chief Bill Parker popularized its use referring specifically to the police during the 1950s; author and police officer Joseph Wambaugh in the 1970s, by which time “thin blue line” was used across the United States; and Errol Morris’s documentary The Thin Blue Line (1988).

The “thin blue line” has been appropriated by the “Blue Lives Matter” movement, which began December 2014, after the homicides of NYPD officers Rafael Ramos and Wenjian Liu in Brooklyn, New York, in the wake of the homicides of Eric Garner and Michael Brown Jr earlier that year and the context of the more excellent Black Lives Matter movement. The “thin blue line” has also been associated with white nationalists in the US, particularly after the Unite the Right rally in 2017.

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Anti-Theft Grommets,  Security Cable & Lock, are Available.



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