Red Rose Tire Cover


Red Rose Bar Code
Red Rose Bar Code

Affordable all-weather protection for spare tires on RVs, vans, or trucks

Heavy-duty waterproof, wipe-clean vinyl with a soft, non-scratch Protects against dirt, and rust. Elasticized back hem for a fast and adjustable fit Wipe-clean vinyl with non-scratch backing

1. Do not power wash! 2. wipe it clean with mild soap and water. 3. Keep cover clean inside.

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Red Rose Tire Cover

What do red roses symbolize?

The red rose symbolizes romance, love, beauty, and courage. A red rosebud signifies beauty and purity. Yellow roses symbolize friendship and joy, and new beginnings. Orange roses symbolize fascination, desire, and sensuality. Pink roses indicate appreciation and gratitude; incredibly dark pink roses.

Does a red rose mean to love?

Red roses also represent passion, true love, romance, and desire. The red rose is a classic “I Love You” rose, making it a popular choice for Valentine’s Day. When red roses are used for a bridal bouquet, they represent bliss in the marriage and proper respect and appreciation.

What is the meaning of 🌹?

🌹 Meaning – Rose Emoji

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What color is rose for love?


Red – Red means love. While it doesn’t have to stand for passionate love, such as the love between a husband and wife, this is the typical interpretation of this rose color.

Show off your spare tire cover. The cover features a boldly printed logo that will last for years without fading.

Its elastic tie-down provides an easy fit, while the heavy gauge vinyl material ensures long-term use, providing the perfect way to show your Bronco pride when you’re on the go.

What color do roses mean jealousy?

yellow rose
Yellow. While in Victorian times, the yellow rose symbolized jealousy, today it represents friendship, joy, and caring. A bouquet of these sun-filled blossoms conveys warmth, gladness and affection.

Select 27″-37″ Tire Covers.
Includes Installation and Care Guide.
    In Stock, Condition New- Normally ships in two days.

      Anti-Theft Grommets and Security Cable are now Available.



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