Peace Frog Tire Cover




Peace Frog Tire Cover

Peace Frog Waving
The actual Tire Cover is not waving.

Peace Frog Tire Cover is about living outdoors, off-road, and just an outdoorsman type of living.

Extend the life of your trailer’s spare tire by protecting it from the sun, dirt, grime, and road salt with this weather-resistant vinyl cover. The elastic-trimmed rear opening gives a snug fit, and the vented bottom lets moisture escape. High-Quality Material – This Cover is Made From High-Quality, Durable Vinyl.

Note: These Tire Covers Can Keep Wheels In Good Shape And Extend Their Service Life. Please Measure It Before Buy It.

Peace Frog Image Means

Peace Frogs has initially been the name chosen for a line of multi-colored international flag shorts. The frog is internationally recognized as an icon of peace and good luck and thus deemed as an appropriate logo. The frog eventually proved so popular that the focus was shifted from the flags to the frog.

Peace Frogs is an American company founded by Catesby Jones in 1985, based in Gloucester, Virginia. This branded apparel firm offers a complete line of clothing and accessories with distinguished frog designs. It specializes in youth, teenage, and young adults clothing. The frog waving a peace sign is the official logo for the company.

One of the concerns in the environmental world right now is the decline of amphibians. Recent studies revealed that there had been an alarming number of extinctions in the last two decades, and nearly one-third of the world’s amphibian species were threatened. The most crucial factor to the amphibian population declines is habitat destruction. Peace Frogs supports various organizations that are strongly committed to this cause and other critical environmental studies.

Other Peace Frog Products:

Peace Frog’s products include a variety of Peace Frog T-shirts, Peace Frog sweatshirts, Peace Frog pajamas, Peace Frog hats, Peace Frog swimsuits, Peace Frog stickers, and other items.

  • In stock, it usually ships in two days.
  • Anti Theft Grommets are available.
  • Includes a protective plastic bag for the tire cover easy installation.


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