Jeep Shadow Wavy Flag Camera Tire Cover



Manufacturer Custom Grafix Industries.
Brand CustomGrafixTireCovers®
Item Weight 48 ounces

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Jeep Shadow Wavy Flag Aftermarket Tire Cover

( Not an Original )

Show off your spare tire cover. The cover features a boldly printed logo that will last for years without fading.
Its elastic tie-down provides an easy fit while the heavy gauge vinyl material ensures long-term use, providing the perfect way to show your Bronco pride when you’re on the go.

Why do Jeeps have the American flag on them?

Wagoneer and Grand Wagoneer will be built in Michigan. In addition to honoring the brand’s heritage, Morrison says that putting the flag on U.S.A.-made vehicles commemorates the “hardworking Americans” who designed and assembled the vehicles. Jeep models are sold in over 120 countries.

Where are Jeeps made in the USA?

Aside from a few optional components, the Wrangler manufactured and assembled 100 percent in their Toledo, Ohio, manufacturing plant. Fiat Chrysler — which makes Jeep vehicles — invests heavily to ensure the Jeep is an American car forever.

Does Jeep still make military vehicles?

Does the U.S. still use military Jeeps? The current military vehicle lineup no longer includes Jeep-made designs. However, according to Fox News, the U.S. military currently has a stronger-than-ever need for smaller, lighter, tactical vehicles.

Jeep is an automobile marque originating in the United States, now owned by European American conglomerate Stellaris. Jeep has been part of Chrysler since 1987 when Chrysler acquired the Jeep brand and remaining assets from its previous owner American Motors Corporation (AMC).

Jeep’s current product range consists solely of sport utility vehicles – both crossovers and fully off-road-worthy SUVs and models, including one pickup truck. Previously, Jeep’s range included other pickups, as well as small vans and a few roadsters. Some of Jeep’s vehicles—such as the Grand Cherokee—reach into the luxury SUV segment, a market segment the 1963 Wagoneer, considered to have started. Jeep sold 1.4 million SUVs globally in 2016, up from 500,000 in 2008, two-thirds of which in North America, and was Fiat-Chrysler’s best-selling brand in the U.S. during the first half of 2017.  In the U.S. alone, over 2400 dealerships hold franchise rights to sell Jeep-branded vehicles, and if Jeep, spun off into a separate company, it is estimated to be worth between $22 and $33.5 billion—slightly more than all of FCA (U.S.).

Tire Cover Advantages

Select 26″-37″ Tire Covers.
  Includes Installation and Care Guide.
   Water-Proof, Dust-Proof
    Anti-Theft Grommets,  Security Cable & Lock are Available.
      90-Day Warranty on Materials and Workmanship.
          Includes Protective Tire Cover Liner for Easy Installation
Fit for Jeep, Camper, Travel Trailer, RV, SUV 
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