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The Ford Bronco II Tire Cover comes on the model line of SUVs that were manufactured and marketed by Ford from 1983 to 1990.  Sandwiched between the full-size Bronco and the Explorer that would replace it. The Bronco II has always faced an uphill battle for hearts and minds. Is that really fair to the little SUV, which sported a compact, nimble chassis. We think the Bronco II deserves a second look and maybe a little more respect, especially  for the 1980s hits a fever pitch in the RA Dwood era.

As we mentioned, the Bronco II tire cover is tied to the Ranger—it was based on and developed in parallel with the compact pickup in the wake of the gas crunches of the 1970s. Ford had previously been taking the easy way out in the compact truck game, so to speak, importing reliable little pickups from Mazda lightly reworked and sold as the Ford Courier. The Ranger started development as Project Yuma, with the top priority being fuel economy and profitability—and not simply a downsized F-Series clone.

Ford spent gobs of money in the wind tunnel crafting the efficient little pickup’s shape. But the company’s plans were scrambled by the 1979 Oil Crisis after the Iranian Revolution. Yuma was almost cancelled, and the Ranger and Bronco with it. The compact Chevy S-10 and Blazer also got a head start in the market, and their white-hot sales sent Ford scrambling to get the Ranger to dealers for the 1983 model year.

         By early 1983, well after the S-10 Blazer had been on sale, Ford finally had the 1984 model year Bronco II ready to sell. And on paper, it had the goods to compete with the Chevy SUV. For one, it used Ford’s novel independent front suspension design. All Bronco IIs were four-wheel drive at launch, using the Twin Traction Beam design with a front differential, a setup that combines some of the ruggedness of a solid axle with the improved ride of an independent setup. Two-wheel-drive versions, only available from 1987 on, used the old and reliable Twin I-Beam design from the Ranger. The Bronco II Tire Cover came on all of them.

This Bronco II Tire Cover is a aftermarket cover held on by strong shock chord, not a zipper.

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 Bronco II Tire Cover

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               Includes Protective Tire Cover Liner for Easy Installation

                  Anti-Theft Grommets,  Security Cable & Lock are Available.

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