Black Horse Print Tire Cover


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Black Horses Tire Cover

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This Tire Cover is all about a Black Horse Print

Black Horse print tire cover

   Black horses are relatively uncommon, though it is not “rare”.

Black Horse (legend) The black horse builder is a traditional oral story of Quebec and the other regions of French Canada. It has many variants, but most often it is about a magnificent black horse, or more rarely a white horse, which helps to build a chapelchurch, or cathedral.


Impressed by the courage of the animal, a worker removes its bridle. The construction of the building is interrupted when it is almost complete and the horse flees, suggesting that it is the devil. A stone is still missing at the top of the religious building.

This story is to be found on both sides of the Saint Lawrence River, and especially at Saint-Augustin-de-DesmauresSaint-Michel-de-BellechasseSaint-Laurent-de-l’Île-d’OrléansTrois-Pistoles, QuebecL’Islet, Quebec and in the other regions of Quebec. It also exists in a French quarter of Saint Boniface in Manitoba. The association of the devil and a black horse is frequently found in Québécois imagery. This may be connected with the morals of the Catholic Church and the fear of a meeting with the devil.

Show off your spare tire cover. The cover features a boldly printed logo that will last for years without fading. Its elastic tie down provides an easy fit while the heavy gauge vinyl material ensures long term use, providing the perfect way to show your pride when you’re on the go.

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