Betty It’s A 5 O’clock Somewhere


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Betty, It’s A 5 O’clock Somewhere bar code

Affordable all-weather protection for spare tires on RVs, vans, or trucks

Heavy-duty waterproof, wipe-clean vinyl with a soft, non-scratch Protects against dirt and rust. Elasticized back hem for a fast and adjustable fit Wipe-clean vinyl with non-scratch backing

1. Do not power wash! 2. wipe it clean with mild soap and water. 3. Keep cover clean inside.

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Betty, It’s A 5 O’clock Somewhere

Betty Boop

Betty Boop is an animated cartoon character created by Max Fleischer, with help from animators including Grim Natick. She originally appeared in the Talkartoon and Betty Boop film series, which were produced by Fleischer Studios and released by Paramount Pictures.

       A caricature of a Jazz Age flapper, Betty Boop, was described in a 1934 court case as “combin[ing] in appearance the childish with the sophisticated—a large round baby face with big eyes and a nose like a button, framed in a somewhat careful coiffure, with a tiny body of which perhaps the leading characteristic is the most self-confident little bust imaginable.” Although she toned down in the mid-1930s due to the Hays Code appearing more demure, Betty Boop became one of the world’s best-known and popular cartoon characters.

What did Betty Boop always say?

Betty Boop is forever connected with the phrase “Boop-Oop-a-Doop.” But what does that phrase mean? By itself, ‘Boop-Oop-a-Doop’ is meaningless. The term grew out of ‘scat’ – a style of vocal jazz singing that was popular during the 1920s and ’30s.

What does boop a doop mean?

The word “boop-oop-a-doop” is considered nonsensical, but it can have a risqué meaning. For example, in the Boop-Oop-a-Doop cartoon, it is thought that the word is used as a substitute for “virginity.”


  • In 2002, Betty was voted in TV Guide’s 50 most fantastic cartoon characters, ranking #17.
  • In 2004, Betty Boop was voted among the “100 Greatest Cartoons” in a poll conducted by the British television channel Channel 4, ranking at #96.
  • In March 2009, a UK newspaper voted Betty Boop the second sexiest cartoon character of all time, with Jessica Rabbit in the first place and Cadbury’s Caramel Bunny in third.
  • In August 2010, the inaugural Betty Boop Festival was held in Wisconsin RapidsWisconsin, and the second Festival was held in July 2011.

The cover features a boldly printed logo that will last for years without fading.

 Its elastic tie-down provides an easy fit, while the heavy gauge vinyl material ensures long-term use, providing the perfect way to show your Bronco pride when you’re on the go.

Select 27 “-37” Tire Covers.

 Includes Installation and Care Guide.

  In Stock, Condition New- Normally ships in two days.

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