Bronco II Tire Covers

Bronco II Tire Covers

The smaller Bronco,  shown first in March 1983 as a 1984 model. The smaller brother to the Bronco, the Bronco 2,  built from 1984 through 1990. As the Bronco is based on the F-Series frame. The Bronco 2 is based on the Ranger platform and both manufactured at the Louisville, KY plant.

1989 update

For the 1989 model year, the Bronco II, restyled alongside the Ranger. The exterior featured new front bodywork with a new hood, front fenders, and a closer-fitting front bumper. Inside, the dashboard featuring a new instrument panel. Alongside the overall change in appearance. The new bodywork marked improvements in structural support. The 1989 Bronco II  built for little less than a year when production ended in early 1990. Succeeded by the larger Ford Explorer for 1991.

As a running change, four-wheel drive 1990 models produced after November 1989 produced with Dana 35 front axles, replacing the previous Dana 28 front axle


Before the 1991 model year, the Bronco II discontinued in February 1990, with its role in the Ford light-truck line largely taken over by the Ford Explorer.

Safety Controversy

Stability problems with Bronco II noted during the design phase, as well as in the verification tests by 1981. For example, the J-turn test canceled during the testing procedures by Ford officials “out of fear of killing or injuring one of its own drivers.” Engineering modifications suggested, but Ford officials declined the modifications because they would have delayed the marketing of the new vehicles. Eight months before production began, Ford’s Office of General Counsel collected 113 documents concerning the new vehicle’s handling problems. However, 53 of these test, simulation, and related reports about the stability of the Bronco II “disappeared” in an “unusual document handling procedure” that forebode the lawsuits against Ford starting in the late-1980s.

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