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We’ve Got Your Spare Tire Cover Covered In Style!

Jeep, Bronco, Land Rover Defender, and RV people tend to be more concerned about that fine paint job and weather damaging their SUV’s exteriors or sun damaging the interiors. They forget about protecting spare tires with tire covers.

But do you know that all these aspects affect your spare tires just the same?

SUV, Jeep, Land Rover Defender, and RV spare tire covers are beneficial when it comes to:

  • You are maximizing the life of your RV, Jeep, Bronco, or Land Rover Defender spare tire.
  • Keeping safe from external UV hazards
  • Our heavy-duty tire cover acts as a shield for the spare tire.
  • Protection from weather damage
  • Safety from dry riot and other factors
  • Style + Utility

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